Eagle Project Proposal

The project proposal is found in the Eagle Project Workbook.  The project is a high level overview, not a detailed plan.


The Five Tests of an Acceptable Eagle Scout Service Project. The proposal is an overview, but also  the beginnings of planning. It shows the unit leader and any representatives of a unit committee, council, or district, that the following tests can be met.


1. The project provides sufficient opportunity to meet the requirement.

  • 2. The project appears to be feasible.
  • 3. Safety issues will be addressed.
  • 4. Action steps for further detailed planning are included.
  • 5. The Scout is on the right track with a reasonable chance for a positive experience.

The detail required for a proposal depends on project complexity. It must be enough to provide a level of confidence for a council or district reviewer that the above tests can be met, but not so much that—based on the possibility a proposal can be rejected—it does not respect the time it takes to prepare.  The candidate shall not be required to submit more than is described there, or more than is necessary to establish that a project can meet the above tests.

There are 5 signatures required to on an Eagle project proposal  

1. The Scout

2. The Benneficiary representative

3. The Unit Leader (Scoutmaster, Crew Advisor, Etc) 

4. The Unit Committee representative

5. The District Eagle Project Coach  <<< This signature must come last in this list.  The others can occure in any order, althought the order they are listed in makes sense.


Each unit in Saddleback has an Eagle Project Coach assigne to review proposals for their unit.



Troop Coach’s Name Phone Email
121 Douglas Solorzano 949-235-8047 dasolo@cox.net
321 Craig Chawner 949-307-6414 cchawner@rsmtelecom.com
332 David Koch 714-747-9239 kochdavid321@gmail.com
603 – Contact Dave Klein for assignment advancement@saddlebackdistrict.org  
604 – Contact Dave Klein for assignment advancement@saddlebackdistrict.org
628 Kevin Bohn 949-422-4895 kevinbohnphoto@gmail.com
634 Kevin Bohn 949-422-4895 kevinbohnphoto@gmail.com
636 Donny Earl 949-233-2041 dudedvm@aol.com
639 Kevin Bohn 949-422-4895 kevinbohnphoto@gmail.com
661 – Contact Dave Klein for assignment advancement@saddlebackdistrict.org
727 John Marinuzzi 949-636-7180 jamarinuzzi787@cox.net
818 John Marinuzzi 949-636-7180 jamarinuzzi787@cox.net
918 Douglas Solorzano 949-235-8047 dasolo@cox.net
1210 Douglas Solorzano 949-235-8047 dasolo@cox.net
2020 – Contact Dave Klein for assignment advancement@saddlebackdistrict.org
7272 John Marinuzzi 949-636-7180 jamarinuzzi787@cox.net
4321-B Craig Chawner 949-307-6414 cchawner@rsmtelecom.com
4321-G   Craig Chawner 949-307-6414 cchawner@rsmtelecom.com
787-B David Koch 714-747-9239 kochdavid321@gmail.com
787-G David Koch 714-747-9239 kochdavid321@gmail.com