It’s time to recognize your unit’s exceptional volunteers!


Extra Miler Award recipients are any adult. A leader or parent, who helps make things happen.  

  • That parent who will never buy a uniform and be out in front, but they make sure all the programs are printed for your big event.
  • The parent who makes sure the snacks are always there.  
  • That Den Leader, Assistant Scoutmaster, or Committee Member who always shows up and goes above and beyond.  

It’s 100% up to you, but please don’t pass up this great opportunity to celebrate and thank them and recognize them.


Recipients will be recognized and celebrated at our Saddleback District Dinner on Thursday, March 14th.  Dinner Registration details will be announced soon.

Talk to your other unit leaders and figure out who to recognize from your Pack, Troop, or Crew.


Up to 25 youth in your unit you can submit 2 award recipients

26-50 youth, your unit can submit 3 award recipients

51-75 youth, your unit can submit 4 award recipients


Step 1 is to submit them using the form found here:


Step 2 Email me a picture of them to:   We’ll use that for a slide show at the dinner and to recognize some on Facebook.


Step 3 is to Announce your Extra Miler recipients to your unit and promote the dinner with your unit families so other adults can attend, celebrate, and thank your recipients.  Units typically pay for their award recipients and spouses to attend the dinner, but that’s up to you.


Registration, Award Names, and Pictures are all due by Friday, March 1st


Step 4 is a bonus step.  When we post about the dinner to Facebook, please like and share the event.  You know we all put things off, so this really helps to get the word out to our district adults!

Got questions…  Contact Dave Klein at